Lil’ Boob Comes Through With The Banger Of The Day And Milks The Beat For All It’s Worth

Shot by:@ganktowndurt

If we’re being honest with each other, I don’t like Lil’ Boob as much as I like Lil’ Housephone when it comes to great SoundCloud rap names. Don’t get me wrong, Lil’ Boob is a great name, I just feel like it’s a little too simple to be considered for the Mount Rushmore of SoundCloud rap names.

Much respect to Lil’ Boob, though. Not only for naming himself Lil’ Boob, but also for yelling “BOOB!” throughout the song. Being a SoundCloud rapper with a name like Lil’ Boob and screaming “BOOB!” all over the track is what 15-year-old stoner dreams are made of. Rock on, Lil’ Boob.