You Can Now Buy Marijuana On Twitter Dot Com From @kusherman3

Pretty bold of @kusherman3 to be selling a federally illegal substance on Twitter dot com like that. I couldn’t even imagine the trouble he’d get into if he got caught, especially with the drug war being at a peak for the last 30 years now. All that weed, already tagged and bagged…

There’s gotta be some jail time involved with that if he gets caught. Has to be. Come to think of it, I feel like I’ve seen a table full of marijuana stacked up against a wall in that manner before…

Photo: Warren County Drug Task Force
Photo: Ohio State Highway Patrol
Photo: Super Troopers

No, it can’t be. @kusherman3 can’t be a cop. Cops don’t text. Cops can’t ensure safe deliveries in AND out of the USA.

Maybe inside the US, but outside the US too? Cops don’t have that sort of jurisdiction. @kusherman has to be legit. Has to be. Plus he’s got almost seven hundred Twitter followers. There’s no way 700 of Vladimir Putin’s Twitter trolls have been duped by @kusherman3. This has to be a safe and legit marijuana delivery service in and out of the USA. There’s no other explanation.

Now, excuse me while I place a phone call real quick…

Hello, @kusherman3? I would like to place an order for one #OGkush and one #strewberrykush. And while we’re at it, I might as well take an #ak47 as well. Better safe than sorry, ya know?

*Equally mutual laughter*