Vince Staples And Kenny Beats May Or May Not Have A Project On The Way

As you can see above, Vince Staples just tweeted “WOAH KENNY !” and Kenny Beats subsequently retweeted it which can only mean that they may or may not have a project on the way………. *heavy emphasis on the may*

Kenny Beats has been known to hang out with rappers in the stu (slang for studio) for a couple days and come out the other side with a dope project of sorts.

He recently spent five (5) days in the stu with Rico Nasty (shoutout DMV) and came out with a project called Anger Management, that “will probably drop in April,” according to Ms. Nasty.

Similarly, Kenny has done short projects with Q Da Fool (again, shoutout DMV), Key!, and Hoodrich Pablo Juan, all of which slap harder than yo momma when she catches you doing hoodrat things with your friends.

Kenny Beats and Vince Staples have actually already done a project together as Kenny is credited as a producer/composer on most of the tracks on Vince’s latest project FM!

So in retrospect, maybe Vince was just trying to promote FM! with the subtle tweet and Kenny was just trying to help him out with the retweet 🤷‍♂️.

But since that’s a boring theory that doesn’t get us any new music, let’s all tweet at Vince and Kenny asking when the new project is gonna drop because we’re all idiots who don’t have an attention span of more than 15 seconds.