Aliens Show Up To Senate Hearing

Ok so it wasn’t actually an alien, they’re calling it a “swamp creature”.

The Hill – A protester dressed as a “swamp creature” was escorted out of a confirmation hearing for Interior Secretary nominee David Bernhardt Thursday morning. The protester remained seated for two hours before being escorted out of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing.

Nonetheless, this was a great protest. Hats off to the planning and execution committees of this prank. Home girl lasted two whole hours before being kicked out.

What a bafoon that guy looked like though, huh? Somebody on dudes team needs to be watching his back better than that because that’s embarrassing. That’s like when you blow your boss for a promotion and you go straight to a big meeting with a little cum still on your lip level of embarrassing. Like c’mon dude, somebody’s gotta be watching your six.

This was an Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing so they were probably talking about how much more we can fuck the world up before we all end up dying, so fuck them anyway.

The Hill – The Western Values Project, a conservationist group, called Bernhardt the “ultimate D.C. swamp creature with so many potential conflicts of interest that he has to carry around a list of his former clients” in a statement in February. Activist Ian Madrigal has staged similar protests, sitting behind then-Equifax CEO Richard Smith and Google CEO Sundar Pichai dressed as the Monopoly mascot during congressional hearings.

Keep the protests coming.