The Wizards Should Hire Kevin Durant As Head Of Basketball Operations

I mean it worked with Jordan. Why couldn’t it work with KD? Well, probably because the Wizards ended things pretty badly with Jordan. After a full year of being the GM, the GOAT came out of retirement and played for the Wizards after the Wizards promised to rehire him as GM when he wanted to retire for a final time. The only thing is the Wizards didn’t keep their promise. Jordan retired and the Wizards basically told him to fuck off. To make matters worse, they turned around and hired Ernie Grunfeld.

Fucking Ernie Grunfeld.

So no, the Wizards hiring Kevin Durant as President of Basketball Operations will not lure him back to DC. That is unless the NBA allows players to also be GM’s. LeBron has basically been doing that since he left Cleveland the first time, so I don’t see it as being an impossible task but it’s also not very likely. The marathon continues.