Iron Mike Tyson And Piers Morgan Get Stoned And Talk About Pigeons

Piers Morgan didn’t actually smoke the refer until the episode was literally closing out because he’s one of those guys who wants you to think he’s cool even though he’s not actually that cool so he only smokes a little weed but he definitely let’s you know that he smoked the weed. That’s actually the main reason he was unceremoniously kicked out of the good ‘ole U-S of A. Well, that’s not actually true, he probably got kicked out for being a “piece of shit asshole,” according to Chrissy Teigen.

I stand with Queen Christine…. HOWEVA

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Iron Mike’s Iron Mind never disappoints, no matter which piece of shit asshole is sitting next to him. The combination of Michael’s soft voice and soft heart paired with his tough exterior and his ability to still be able to knock the literally fuck out of 99.99% of the living, breathing world is marvelous. Add in your stoner friend with an extremely calm voice that seems to just “get it” and a sack of weed and you got yourself the best podcast in the world, my friends. The conversation flows in and out of making sense but it mostly makes sense if you smoke enough weed.

They talk about Michael’s love of pigeons and how they all have different personalities. Also how the first time Michael got in a fight was when one of his friends stole his pigeon and rips its head off. They also talk about how Floyd Mayweather’s record is nice and all but it’s not as good as Julio César Chávez’s 89-0 at one point in his career. He’s got 39 more fight to go to tie the record. Better stop hitting women and get back to sparring men, Floyd. It’s also mentioned that Michael is one of the most famous people in the world and can’t even go to England because he’s done more than three years in the pookie. Maybe once this Brexit thing gets finalized, they’ll reconsider.