Beast Coast Basement Cypher

If you don’t know Beast Coast, it is a collective of rappers from NYC including Pro Era, Flatbush Zombies, and The Underachievers. I assume if you’re reading this, you’re familiar with Pro Era but if you’re not familiar with the Flatbush Zombies or the Underachievers, I suggest getting to know them as they are very good at rapping (see above).

Beast Coast has put out a couple singles recently (see below) and look to be gearing up to drop their album Escape From New York on May 24th.

Basment Cypher credits:

Featuring (In Order of Appearance): Big Tigger, Zombie Juice, Issa Gold, Meechy Darko, Joey Bada$$, AK, Kirk Knight, CJ Fly, Erick Arc Elliott, Nyck Caution. | DJ: Powers Pleasant

Director: PTA HAITI 3000
DP/Editor: Levi Turner
Camera Operator: Armando “Ezru” Gonzalez Producer: Phoebe Chao
Set Design: Joonie Jang
Audio: Evan Devitto
Gaffer: Sam Warga
Art Assistant: Nico Chiat
PA: Luke Annand
PA: Brennan Goldstein
PA: Zoe Pollard