Casey Veggies Drops The Trailer For His Upcoming Album “Organic”

The weather is getting warmer which means everybody and their mother will be dropping music soon. Casey Veggies will be one of those everybody, but lucky for us, he makes really good rap songs. From the looks of the trailer, it seems as though Casey isn’t in the game for “all this Hollywood shit” and is going to “let it come naturally… organically.” Good for him.

Last week, Veggies dropped the visuals for his single “Mirage” (available everywhere). Real shit is on the rise, and Mr. Veggies can feel it in the air.

I just had to find my goal

I been dreaming since like eight years old

I always knew that I could make shit grow

And we take shit there

Real shit is on the rise, I can feel it in the air

But it feel like a mirage, cuz it aint really there

Casey Veggies

Long Live Mac Meezy and Nip Hussle