Transworld Skateboarding Drops Off A Daewon Song Documentary

You may have heard of Daewon Song from that time he went viral for changing a skateboard wheel in midair.

You may have also heard of Daewon Song from just being one of the greatest skateboarders of all time. In the documentary, Rodney Mullen talks about how he took Daewon under his proverbial wing after he just happened to see Daewon skate one day. Mullen says it was love at first sight. Well, not actually love but you know what I mean. Actually, now that I think about it Rodney Mullen would be the type of guy that would fall in love with a skateboarder in a completely asexual way. So maybe it was love at first sight, for Rodney Mullen at least.

The doc goes on to pretty much just talk about how insane Daewon Song is with a skateboard under his feet, and deservedly so. To this day, this dude is still doing unreal shit with a skateboard. Follow him on Instagram to watch him do sick shit probably till the day his ankle finally gives out.