J. Cole Listens To “LamboTruck”

Revenge of the Dreamers III is out and it’s got capital-B Bars for days, obviously. Probably the most notable bar on the entire album is when Reason, a TDE artist, rapped a whole verse about robbing J. Cole and Cozz, signed to J. Cole’s Dreamville label, interjected throughout the verse trying to talk him out of it. Eventually, Reason reasoned with Cozz and said: “Fuck it, I’ll stop//Look, let’s make a deal, while I go and rob Cole, you go rob Top.” To which Cozz replied: “Cool.”

The video shows Cole listening to the verse for the first time with Cozz and Reason laughing and dapping it up right in front of him. I’m not sure how many jobs there are where you can straight up tell your boss to his face that you’re going to rob him and he doesn’t fire you/call the police but let me know if they’re hiring and I’ll email over my resume.

Tfw you’re not sure if you’re about to get robbed by your employees: