Scottie Beam Harassed, Threatened At NYC Foot Locker

Scottie Beam took to social media to tell the story about how she was recently harassed and threatened at the Footlocker on 34th St. in NYC.

It doesn’t look like a video of the incident has been released yet, and it also doesn’t look like it would be good for the man involved if a video were to be released. Getting turned down and then threatening to physically harm the person that turned you down? That sounds like some bitch shit to me.

And how about everyone else just standing around and watching/filming? Maybe don’t just stand there while a man threatens to beat up a woman for turning down his advances. It’s kind of a metaphor for life, really. Everybody sees the fucked up shit going on and they all just take out their phones so they can show the world the fucked up shit they saw but nobody ever really does anything about it. Pretty fucked up if you think about it.

We are family, we need to protect each other. Especially black women.