LOL: Patriots Lose on a Last Second 70-yard Touchdown Play

Good for the Dolphins. They deserve it after a lifetime of mediocrity. I’m happy for them.

As for why Gronk was playing safety on an obvious Stanford Band play…. I have no idea.

It makes sense to have him play safety in a Hail Mary situation since he’s ginormous, but this was not at all a Hail Mary situation. There is no reason Gronk should have been on the field there. It just doesn’t make sense. That loss is on Belichick for not recognizing the situation and putting an actual safety deep in the backfield to make the game-saving tackle. 

The good news for Pats fans is that’s an easy thing to fix. What won’t be easy to fix is figuring out why the fuck the Patriots aren’t putting games away in the third quarter anymore. Good luck to Pats fans on not having a heart attack the rest of the season. You guys have some actual competition this year.