Good Burger 2 May or May Not Be in the Works

Possible Good Burger sequel in the works? Count me in!

I can vividly remember going to see the original movie in theaters as a kid. My brother and I were the only ones in the theater besides some middle-aged guy probably with his kid. Or maybe he was just a stoner, who knows. Anyway, my brother and I had so much fun running around the theater like we owned the place. Sitting in whatever seat we wanted. Switching seats every five minutes. We were having so much fun acting like the idiot kids we were in an empty movie theater seeing one of the greatest movies of all time. Come to think of it, that guy was probably definitely stoned out of his mind since he didn’t say anything to us idiot kids.

Now there’s possibly a sequel on the way and I can only hope this movie allows my life to come full circle as I go to theater to watch the sequel stoned out of my mind. Hopefully there will also be idiot kids running around too, for nostalgia purposes.

Below is the clip of the Good Burger skit on Jimmy Fallon referenced in the above video.