The Menendez Brothers Apparently Made a Cameo in the Background of a Basketball Card After They Killed Their Parents

So some guy in his mom’s basement went on Reddit and said the Menedez brothers were in the background of a Mark Jackson basketball card after they killed their parents but before they were arrested. Big whoop. Some guy in his mom’s basements says a lot of things on Reddit. But then, well-known sports nerd and historian Darren Rovell chimed in:

Darren from the clouds with some dates that check out. And people ask me what’s so great about Twitter? Idiots. 

Now, the Menendez brothers were famous for flashing their parent’s money after they killed them and before they were arrested. They also lived in NYC, so them being courtside at a Knicks game in that timeframe is HIGHLY likely.

So this has to be real, right? The timeline checks out, their lifestyle checks out, and best of all, Darren Rovell says it checks out so it must be true. eBay seems to agree as well:

Shoutout Twitter.