Music Video: Tierra Whack – Whack World

This is a collection of 15 one-minute songs Tierra Whack dropped back in late May. I guess Whack World is technically an album but I’m not really sure how albums/mixtapes/EPs work anymore so I’m just going to call it a dope project. 

Out of all the turrible (shoutout Charles Barkley) things Kanye West did this summer, burying this project is definitely near the top of the list. Tierra is signed to Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music label but was not a part of the Yeezy SZN 2018 roll out Kanye did where he released one G.O.O.D. Music album per week for five straight weeks. 

Granted, Tierra Whack isn’t Nas or Kid Cudi, or even Teyana Taylor, but burying this album and not finding some way to include it in Yeezy SZN 2018 was flat out turrible. Especially since this album is arguably the best album G.O.O.D. Music released this summer.

Teyana Taylor’s album is good, but I don’t really listen to Teyana all that much so I didn’t really know what to expect from a Teyana Taylor album. Maybe it was a solid Teyana album, or maybe it was wildly overrated like the rest of the Yeezy SZN 2018 albums. 

I still don’t know how to feel abou the Nas album. The Pusha album sounded like a shittier version of Jay Rock’s album that came out a few weeks later. Kids See Ghosts was OK, but it was obvious they didn’t spend very much time on it. And Ye was just weird. 

Whack World was released two days before YeYe buried Whack World. Kanye West not only stifled the growth of his youngest artist, he did it with his own album. And the album wasn’t even very good. None of the albums in Yeezy SZN 2018 were very good. 

So, maybe let’s stop calling Kanye a musical genius, at least for the time being, after this summer of turrible behavior as the head of G.O.O.D. Music.

If you want to read more in-depth into Whack World, DJ Booth put out an interesting article analyzing it as well as a couple other albums released recently.