Colt McCoy Should Probably be Checked for a Concussion After Saying he Wants to Play in a Real Life NFL Game Less Than a Month After Literally Breaking his leg

According to Les Carpenter of the Washington Post, McCoy said he was running again, and wanted to play again this season but didn’t offer any further details.

He suffered a broken fibula on Dec. 3 against the Eagles, and they close the season against the same team on Dec. 30. The fibula is the non-weight-bearing bone in the lower leg, but four weeks is still a quick recovery.

They decided not to put him on injured reserve, in case there were playoff possibilities, and there are. Which might be as amazing as McCoy’s speedy recovery.

Pro Football Talk

First of all, there are no playoff possibilities for the Redskins. As shitty as this team is playing right now, there’s no way they beat the Titans or the Eagles who are both fighting for a legitimate shot at the playoffs. Also, the Eagles having Nick Foles back under center is bad news for defenses especially those who give up 40 points against the god damn Giants.

Secondly, playing quarterback for the Redskins right now is a terrible career choice. Half of their O-line was just promoted from the practice squad last week and the other half are playing with injuries. It may be working out for Josh Johnson right now but that’s only because Jay Gruden’s offense is specifically designed for mobile quarterbacks who can move in and out of the pocket and also get yards on the ground unlike quarterbacks like Colt McCoy and Colin Kaepernick.

Thirdly, I’m pretty sure it takes more than a month to heal a broken leg but what do I know I’m not a doctor I just play one on the Internet.

Maybe Colt’s trying to play in the final game because he’s going to be a free agent after the season ends. He probably just wants teams to know his leg is totally fine and he totally doesn’t need to stay in the hospital for a full month to get multiple surgeries to clean out infections after the initial surgery was a “success”. He doesn’t have a $71 million guaranteed contract so that’s probably exactly what he’s doing.

Maybe he doesn’t need to be checked for a concussion after all.