Mixtape: Curren$y – Weed and Instrumentals 3

The mixtape king is back, ladies and gentlemen. Curren$y, aka Spitta, dropped off a present for his fans in mixtape form with Weed and Instrumentals 3.

Spitta became the mixtape king back in 2008 when he released a mixtape every month for six months straight. He solidified the title in 2016 when he released a mixtape a month for a FULL YEAR. I don’t know where Spitta gets his beats from but where ever it is, there must be an unlimited supply to go along with his seemingly unlimited supply of weed.

His discography on Wikipedia is just straight silly.

I’m no mathematician, but I count 73 projects from Spitta in his career. SEVENTY-THREE PROJECTS. That’s insane. Granted, this is from Wikipedia, so I doubt even Curren$y knows if that’s completely accurate, but the point still stands that Curren$y has put out an insane amount of music.

The eloquently titled Weed and Instrumentals 3 is just the latest of Curren$y projects. I can’t wait until Spitta drops a bunch of projects with Wu Tang when their in the same retirement home together.

Download Weed and Instrumentals 3 on DatPiff.