Politicians Debate Retweeting Cardi B

“OK, you do it and I’ll retweet it.” What type of shit is that?

Are y’all mother fuckers serious? We’re really spending our time on Twitter dot com debating on retweeting Cardi B?

Are y’all mother fuckers getting paid right now?


How about you assholes hold your breath until this government shutdown is over and the god damn TSA gets paid to work again.

Remember when a couple airplanes flew into a couple tall buildings in the most populated city in the country? Remember when you guys, the government, passed a bunch of legislation right after saying you’ve gotta get a rectal exam in order to fly commercial? Remember that? Well then, why the FUCK are we acting like it’s fine and dandy to go a few months without paying the Transportation Security Administration?

Can we just fucking not try that experiment?

None of these assholes even retweeted Cardi. I bet they found out in the middle of this Twitter debate that earlier in the day Cardi B dropped a music video for her song with City Girls, “Twerk,” in which they hold a twerking contest for $25,000 and then dress up in body paint and twerk all over the beach. That was probably the part where Senator Schatz’s interns were like “Maybe we shouldn’t retweet Cardi B today.”

It “wouldn’t be senatorial.” Yea, ok bro. Retweeting the hottest music star in the game right now when she is talking about things that directly align with your political agendas is unsenatorial. Go fuck yourselfs.

Stop being a pussy and retweet Cardi. Retweet the “Twerk” video while you’re at it and throw in some body-positive talk. Hell, even quote Paige Spiranac

“We all have a body, and of that body we should be proud! Yes, the human body is beautiful – in all shapes, sizes, and colors. And yes, that body does some incredible things for us. So why do we spend so much time trying to hide it?

Paige Spiranac

Bing. Bang. Boom. You’re going viral on Twitter dot com like you’re Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.