Celebrate Mac Miller’s Birthday With A Playlist Of All (Most) Of His Songs

It’s weird not having Mac here. I’m from a generation where we literally grew up with Mac Miller. We grew up with him through the Internet, but we felt like we grew up with him nonetheless. We saw him evolve from Eazy Mac with the cheesy raps to the funky mother fucker he was at his NPR Tiny Desk set.

We literally saw him evolve in front of our own eyes like a fucking Pokémon.

He would do things like live stream himself creating songs from scratch so his fans could see what the process was like.

For any fan of his who even thinks they might want to become a musician, that type of stuff is invaluable. A Grammy award-winning musician let you sit in the corner of the studio while they make music. It was unreal and he did it all the time.

I could write an encyclopedia on the life of Malcolm McCormick and his impact on an entire generation but, alas, you don’t come here for the encyclopedias. You come here for the music.

So, here is a playlist with every Mac Miller song on Spotify from a couple songs on K.I.D.S. to his last album Swimming to his Live From Space album.

Rest in peace homie.