Lil TJay Pours Water On His Rolex To Prove It’s Real During His Einer Bankz Ukelele Cover

I’m not entirely sure who Lil TJay is, but he did a preview of an unreleased song with Einer Bankz and his ukelele. Honestly, the song is fire and I wish this video would have been out before I put together my “Best of Einer Bankz Ukelele Covers” blog.

Anyway, at the beginning of the video, Lil TJay raps:

Check my Rollie

I said okie dokie

Lil TJay

Shortly after, TJay pours water on his Rolex, seemingly to prove it’s real and won’t rust.

I think there should be an #IceChallenge where rappers pour water on their jewelry to prove it’s real so we can start weaving out some of these fake rappers. It sucks when you find out your favorite rapper is actually poor and not very good at business or finances in general. Kind of a buzz kill tbh.

But this guy Lil TJay? This guy is rich. This guy is good at finances.

Lil TJay has a real Rolex. Do you?

Didn’t think so, loser.