Enter To Win Cash/Prizes By Expensing The Receipts In 2 Chainz And Adam Scott’s New Music Video For Expensify

How to expense this music video:

  1. Download the Expensify app.
  2. Set video quality to 1080 HD, full screen.
  3. Find receipts in the video, pause when the receipt is clear.
  4. Snap a photo of the receipt using Expensify for the chance to get reimbursed with actual cash.
  5. Skrrt!

Step 5: Skrrt. Love it. Keep those accountant jokes coming Expensify, you’re doing great! It took me about 15 minutes to try and take pictures of all of the prizes up for grabs. I couldn’t get a good picture of all the receipts, but I did get the one of the statue of 2 Chainz’s head.

Fingers crossed!