Fulfill Your Life-Long Dream Of Becoming An Office Happiness Manager

Indeed – The Job In A Nutshell

You’re core responsibility will be to snap our office into better shape with some process enhancements centered on workflow. You’ll help plan and organize events like our annual Content Marketing Conference. Light accounting prep for our CFO will be part of the mix. And running day to day office management needs that range from ordering supplies to mailing books to new customers and water bottles to our freelance talent will be also be on your list. You’ll offer light phone support with customers and talent, directing them to appropriate team members. And support a few executives with weekly business reports, presentations, and speaking schedules.

But your ability to better our company does not stop there. You’ll take on new projects all the time, and help keep employees happy all the time with plenty of fresh air and sunshine every day.

I kind of want to apply for this job just so I can tell people my full-time occupation is Office Happiness Manager. Yup, you heard that right. That’s the career path I choose. I carefully manage my office’s happiness levels each and every day. I do it by doing some “light accounting for the Cheif Financial Officer” and “mailing water bottles to our freelance talent.” I’m the Swiss army knife of office happiness. What do you do for a living, Chadwick?

Honestly though, who disguises an office manager job as a “happiness” manager? If I wanted to manage the actual happiness of everybody in the office, I’d just install a dope speaker system and play some dope tunes throughout the day. Boom. Office happy.

Also, I hate to break it to you but if you don’t have an office DJ you’re not running a top tier company. Plain and simple.