Drew Carey Tells The Story About The Time He Definitely Didn’t Do A Bunch Of Drugs At An EDM Festival

All my friends there, they were all doing drugs, except me… because I’m the host of Price is Right.

Drew Carey

Turns out Drew Carey, the host of Price is Right (ever heard of it?), likes to go to electronic dance music festivals and watch his friends do a bunch of drugs and definitely not do a bunch of drugs himself. Dude is 60 years old (60!) and he’s still poppin’ molly’s and sweating. WOH!

The only thing I could think of the whole time Drew Carey was telling this story was imagining this was happening to Bob Barker. Could you imagine Bob fucking Barker at an EDM show? Poppin’ molly’s and telling a bunch of fucked up 20-year-olds to spay and neuter their pets.

Unfortunately, this story wasn’t about Bob Barker but it’s good to know Drew Carey can party. There’s no chance he’ll read this but after hearing this story I want the Internet gods to know that I would like to definitely not do drugs with Drew Carey at some point in time.