Donald Glover Presents: adidas Originals Featuring Mo’Nique And Nakel Smith

There doesn’t seem to be any real point to this video other than promoting Donald Glover’s new Adidas sneaker collection that drops on April 26.

As you can see, these new sneakers go perfectly with Donald Glover’s old-homeless man fashion trend he started a few years ago.

The video, or advertisement, however you want to view it, is pretty funny throughout, probably because it stars Donald Glover and Mo’Nique who are both very funny people (looking at you Netflix). It even had Nakel Smith, of Illegal Civ and Mid90s fame (he’s also pretty well known for being a dope skateboarder), crack a joke in the opening scene. 3 funny people + 1 video camera + 258 associate producers = 1 funny video. That’s just simple math.

The only problem I have with this video is it had a million credits for a 5-minute YouTube video. I don’t know how many people you need to make a 5-minute advertisement, but a million seems a little excessive.

Anyway the perfect shoe collection to go with your finest homeless ensemble will be available for purchase for the low price of $80-$100 per pair. You can preorder the shoes here and learn more about what it took to create such a bold style of shoe here.