Stormzy may or may not be the most famous British rapper of all time. He hasn’t put out much music since his album Gang Signs & Prayer blew everybody away when it was released two years ago. I guess he’s doing that thing where he makes an incredible album that blows up and then he doesn’t put out any music for two years to make his fans deprived of his music so when he does release another project, his fans will flock to it like Pavlov’s dogs flocking to the dinner bell. Kind of a mean way put out music, to be honest. At least Stormzy’s back and gearing up to (hopefully) drop another album for the summer.

Apparently this song takes shots at British politician Boris Johnson, who may or may not be the British Donald Trump, weird blonde hair and all.

Rule number 2 don’t make the promise

If you can’t keep the deal then just be honest

I can never die I’m Chuck Norris

F**k the government and f**k Boris.