Chuck Inglish Sends His Condolences To Dion Waiters After He Ate Too Many Edibles On A Team Flight

We’ve all been there. You eat an edible, an hour later you’re still sober so you eat another one.

In reality, the first edible was working fine you just needed to wait a little bit longer than usual for it to kick in but now it’s too late. You ate too many edibles and they all hit you at the same time like a Mack truck going 80 mph down the highway and then BOOM. You’re stoned out of your mind and start to freak out. It happens to the best of us.

As it would turn out, it’s happened to the legendary Chick Inglish too (and also probably a bunch of other rappers who are too proud to talk about it).

Joey Purp was even a witness to Chuck’s latest edible incident in LA of all places.

Godspeed Dion Waiters and everybody else who’s had a bad edible experience. Hopefully we can all learn from our mistakes and grow from them.