TDE’s SiR Releases King Of The Hill Inspired Music Video For “John Redcorn”

Is TDE X King of the Hill the greatest crossover of all time? Some are saying so. Some are also saying Dale not knowing of Nancy’s years long affair with John Redcorn is one of the funniest running jokes in television history and it’s hard to argue after seeing this compilation video on YouTube.

“John Redcorn” is from SiR’s latest album Chasing Summer, which kind of feels like what we’re doing now with the Coronavirus and all, chasing summer. Are we going to miss out on the entirety of summer 2020? Will we ever be able to go outside again? Some are saying no. One things for certain though, the lyrics to “John Redcorn” hit a little different during this quarantine.

Alone, every night alone
Why am I alone? I wanna know that you want me, too
Am I wrong? Tell me that I’m wrong
Tell me I deserve all the pain that you put me through, oh

– SiR/everyone in quarantine

God dang it Boomhower.