Belly Will Be Re-Released In Theaters If You Tweet About It Enough #BellyNow

Complex Con(versations) is a YouTube series where people in Complex sit down with famous people and talk about cool stuff. This episode they brought on Nas, Hype Williams, and T-Boz to talk about their film Belly. During the con(versastion) Hype Willams reveals that he talked to Michael Burns, the co-chairman of Lionsgate, and in honor of the 20 year anniversary, they will re-release Belly in theaters if we Tweet/Instagram/whatever else #BellyNow.

I was 8 years old when the film came out so I haven’t seen the movie in theaters but I think that would be a pretty dope experience. At the beginning of the con(versation), Damien Scott, the host, says he thinks Belly has one of the best opening scenes in film history. If you’ve seen the opening scene, you’d know that’s probably true. Seeing that opening scene in theaters with the surround-sound BLARING would be worth the price of admission alone.

Now everybody tell somebody to hashtag #BellyNow so we can make this happen.