B2K Announces 2019 Reunion Tour Complete With an Early 2000’s-Style Radio DJ Promo

I’m not really sure who B2K is because I was like 12 years-old when they were a thing, but they were famous enough for me to remember the name 15 years later. According to this here Tweet by Omarion, B2K is an R&B group with Omarion, Boog(?), Fizz(?), and Raz B(?). The tour will also include performances by Mario, Pretty Ricky, LLoyd, Bobby V(alentino), Ying Yang Twins, and Chingy, also according to that there Tweet.

I don’t know who 3/4ths of B2K is but this tour is a must attend for two reasons:

1.) The amount of women at this tour will be astronomical

and 2.) Could you imagine seeing the Ying Yang Twins and Chingy in concert. I mean the fucking YING YANG TWINS and fucking CHINGY? I thought those guys went broke with Mike Jones (who?) for sure.

For sure, not.

The Ying Yang Twins and Chingy, probably

The tour dates will be announced at midnight on New Years which is a nice touch of corny early-2000’s promo to go along with the radio DJ promo.