Ebro in the Morning Talks Marijuana Legalization with NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio did a phone interview with Ebro in the Morning the other day to talk about marijuana legalization in New York. News broke a couple weeks ago that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his team are in the process of drafting legislation to legalize marijuana and will address the subject in his next budget address.

The interview is the start of a new segment called “The Weed Report with Mayor de Blasio” and they will try to make it happen around once a month leading up when weed actually becomes legal in NYC. De Blasio said during the interview that he believes it will be legal in New York around April 2019.

They also talked about selling weed without a business license, Driving under the influence, and de Blasio rolling up in college.

Also, if you get caught smoking in public and get a summons by the cops, you have to pay the summons/show up in court or that summons could turn into an arrest warrant. So don’t go blow smoke in a cop’s face for the gram and not pay the fine. They will lock yo ass up.

Ebro would also like you to know it will still be ILLEGAL for you to hang out on the stoop smoking weed while he’s trying to get in and out of his apartment building with his family.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and smoke a tree!