Music Video: YG – Go Loko ft. Tyga, Jon Z

YG drops off the music video for his second single “Go Loko” off his upcoming album 4REAL 4REAL. The album was originally supposed to drop April 12th as a surprise album, Beyoncé style, but with the passing of Nipsey The Great, YG decided to postpone the album release with an official Twitter announcement.

The album was then scheduled to drop today, May 3rd, however, it never showed up on any of the music streaming services. OG Hip-Hop journalist Karen Civil then confirmed for everybody that the album had been pushed back again until May 24th.

It’s unfortunate for YG’s fans, myself included, the album is being pushed back again but it’s YG so he can pretty much do whatever he wants and we’ll be fine with it. I honestly never realized how popular YG was until probably sometime last year when he came out with a song and rapped about how he makes $250,000 per show. A quarter of a million dollars is a hell of a lot of money for only a couple hours of work. There’s got to be a ton of people at his shows for him to clear a quarter of a mil each time. Good for him.

There was that and then around the same time last year, YG was performing at the BET awards, or something like that, and literally every single woman in the audience was not only up and dancing but they were also eye-fucking the shit out of him while he performed. Chicks just up and dancing, licking their lips, twirling their hair, and giving the eyes to a guy on stage rapping about killing people. ‘Twas a sight to see.

Anyway, I know YG is probably reading this and since we’re giving props to people while their hearts are still beating nowadays, I want to say congratulations on your success with the music and with the ladies. You are truly someone for the kids to aspire to be.

Check out YG’s first single off “Stop Snitchin'” below and mark your calender’s for 4REAL 4REAL to drop on May 24th.