Celebrate America’s Independence With Thoughts From Some Of America’s Greatest Minds

Ok, so the Lil’ Jon one is kind of a joke, but it is really cool to hear him speak in a conversational setting at such length. A 30-minute conversation with Lil’ Jon is definitely not something I’d thought I’d enjoy while I was laughing at Dave Chappelle yelling “YEAH!” “WHAT!” and “OKAY!” in people’s faces, but I can tell you for certain that I enjoyed this interview. Lil’ Jon goes in depth about everything from the beginning of his career to still making music today (see his latest single with the late Mac Dre “Ain’t No Tellin’“) and even hits on the skits from the Chapelle Show and how it launched him into a superstar.

Lil’ Jon also said something about putting tapes in a literal oven to literally “bake” them for them to sound better or something like that. I didn’t really know what he was talking about but I do know this should solidify him as one of the greatest minds in American history.

Believe it or not, but Maverick Carter is actually one of the greatest minds of our generation. Dude is best friends with LeBron James and parlayed that into being able to do pretty much whatever the fuck he wants. Carter talks about his journey getting to the point he’s at and his thoughts on starting a media company as someone with no professional media experience but still getting some of the best interviews in the world.

Speaking on getting some of the best interviews in the world, Joe Budden sat down with one of the most controversial musicians in the world, Russ. Not that Russ is controversial in the way NWA was controversial, but controversial in the way that literally no one in the entire world, outside of his fan base, knows how they feel about him. There was a “Fuck Russ” movement a couple years ago but that was only after the “Fuck J. Cole” movement died out when J. Cole called them out on their bullshit. Then from time to time, Russ will say some dope shit on social media but other times he just comes off as an arrogant prick. I think with how Joe Budden has grown from his rapper persona into the media personality he’s become, it helped Russ get his point across better and show he’s trying to help the culture and not harm it.

Crooked I and Snow Tha Product are two great lyricists and they sat down to chat about all things hip-hop. It’s cool to see Crooked I interview some of the greatest lyricists in hip-hop and share their point of views. I hope it continues for a long time.