Is The New York Yankees Franchise Deceased?

Look, the New York Yankees are one of the most storied franchises in all of baseball. Even as an Orioles fan I can admit that. Their 27 championships are by far the most in MLB history even though 18 of them came when there was a whole other league for black players since they weren’t allowed to play in the same league. With Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, and so many more players on the all-time great list for the Yankees it’s almost like it doesn’t matter only white people were allowed to play when they solidified their greatness in the MLB history books.

This year, however, was a different story. Venezuelan native, José Altuve, had something different in mind. Standing tall at 5′ 6″, Altuve was in a real-life David vs. Goliath situation.

With two outs in the bottom of the ninth and his back against the wall, Altuve hit a rocket over the center field wall to put his team in the World Series for the second time in three years.

The Astros are hot right now, there’s no question about that. But a couple of questions that may start to be raised are: is the Yankees franchise effectively over? Did Altuve and the Houston Astros kill the the great New York Yankees? Is Goliath really dead?

Now hear me out. The Yankees haven’t won a meaningful game in a decade . They keep losing in horrific fashion in October. People who aren’t white are actually allowed to play now (see: José Altuve). Add all of this up and it does not equal good things for the Yankees and their world class fans.

The good news for Yankees fans is they still have some of the biggest names in baseball on their roster in Didi Gregorius, CC Sabathia, Aroldis Chapman, Gary Sanchez, and more. The only problem(s) with that is Didi has a second career rapping about how much he loves cocaine:

CC literally can’t throw a baseball anymore:

Aroldis Chapman is a masochist:

And Gary Sanchez flat out stinks (per Yankees fans):

So in reality, it doesn’t look like the Yankees have too much to look forward to. In reality, will the Yankees ever win another game in October? Has the Yankees foundation already crumbled and we just don’t know it yet?

Is the New York Yankees franchise deceased?