Curren$y, Trademark Da Skydiver, And Young Roddy Reconnect With A New Album “Plan Of Attack”

I couldn’t tell you how many hours of my life have been spent listening to these three legends. It’s probably in the hundreds, if not thousands. Jet Life wasn’t just a rap group or a saying, it truly was a way of life. Just Enjoy This Life. Tell me truer words have ever been spoken… you can’t.

According to Babygrande Records, the first single for this album, which was the title track, was the first time the three of them have put out music together in almost five whole years. Five years! It felt like a lifetime since the last record with these three, especially for a couple of guys that used to put out music seemingly every other week.

Real OG, be low key, in my own lane.

– Trademark Da Skydiver on “Big Dogs”

The heyday of Jet Life Recordings was a site to see. Just a bunch of real OG’s, staying low key, in their own lane, putting out new, dope music constantly. It felt like they all just lived in a studio together and did nothing but make music all day long. It was impressive to say the least. And if you thought they’re grind slowed down all these years later, think again.

I’m runnin’ it up, unsportsmanlike.

– Curren$y on “Makin Plans”

It really was unsportsmanlike how much they ran up the score. Putting out dope project after dope project, bragging about how cool they are, and then actually being that cool in real life. It’s the stuff legends are made of. I’m just glad I can still be a part of it as a fan.

I’m feelin’ like Mitch, I hustle like Nip, it’s all money in.

– Young Roddy on “No Hook”

All money in, no money out. RIP Nip, you taught us well.

I think my favorite part of the whole album is the music video for the title track. More specifically the part where Curren$y is sitting on the wing of a private jet, pouring champagne on his wrist watch to prove it’s real. Just like all the kids are doing nowadays, except with champagne instead of water and a private jet instead of the backyard of a random house they rented for a music video.

Check out the music video to the title track below.