Roddy Ricch Performs With Live Orchestra On Audiomack’s ‘Trap Symphony’

I’ve been watching these Trap Symphony videos ever since Cheif Keef did one last year. Not a lot of rappers can do this type of performance, especially since a lot of rappers aren’t really good at performing in the first place. It’s become kind of commonplace in hip-hop where concerts are just rappers playing their songs in full and interjecting with some incoherent mumbling every couple of lines, presumably while their all drugged up. Overall, hip-hop shows have gotten a bad rap since the turn of the century, but hopefully that is changing with younger stars like Roddy Ricch putting more of an emphasis on live shows.

Roddy Ricch is a melody heavy artist, which is probably why he can perform so well with a live orchestra. The Compton artist recently released his debut album Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial after receiving three Grammy nominations. Two of the Grammy nominations are for “Racks in the Middle” from Nipsey Hussle’s album Victory Lap and one for the song “Ballin'” from DJ Mustard’s album Perfect Ten.

At only 21-years old, Roddy Ricch is without a doubt one of the most prominent hip-hop artists of the new generation. His Trap Symphony performance is so good, I honestly want him to do an entire album/EP with a live orchestra. I would love to see more rappers not only perform but also record with live instrumentation.

Check out Roddy Ricch’s debut album Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial below.