DaBaby Detained, Charged By Police Just Hours After Donating Toys To Children

WCNC — Grammy-nominated rapper DaBaby was detained by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department late Monday evening after performing in Charlotte. “CMPD – unlawful police department. Unlawfully searched my car, arrested me,” Kirk told NBC Charlotte. Kirk’s team said the rapper was wrongfully targeted by CMPD and detained after a “bogus” tip about guns and drugs in his car. CMPD said Kirk was not arrested and was only detained and charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana and with resisting an officer. CMPD said he was given a citation for both charges. “Every time. There’s nobody when I pull up in the parking lot, the second I get out the car, 15 cops come around,” Kirk told NBC Charlotte. DaBaby’s detainment comes just hours after he passed out 200 toys to underprivileged families in the Queen City. 

Hey Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD, read a room one time for me. I mean he literally just gave away hundreds of toys to children ten seconds ago, maybe that’s not the best time to search high and low for a random reason to arrest him.

Kind of a stupid thing to do, don’t ya think? Maybe focus on actual crimes being committed like robbery and murder. Just a thought. Credit to Baby too for having a calm demeanor throughout the whole ordeal.

Give away toys to kids in Charlotte, entertain local Charlotte residents, get arrested by Charlotte police for bullshit, and then calmly explain to the local Charlotte news exactly how you have been harassed by the local Charlotte police on multiple occasions. Us white people aren’t built with that type of strength and courage (pun intended).