Rona Raps Ft. Guapdad4000, Joey Bada$$, and Curren$y

Leave it to Spitta to drop a full freestyle on Instagram with a couple of his buddies during the rona pandemic. Just rapping about car tunes and cartoons, per usual. The only difference now is no one is allowed to leave their house for what feels like the rest of time. Straight up can’t leave our house or we’re gonna get the rona and die. Kinda like when you have sex you get AIDS and die. Same concept. Lucky for us though, Spitta, Guapdad4000, AND Joey Bada$$ are all still alive and spittin’ phat raps.

Imagine if the rona hit when Spitta was on his mixtape a month grind. That would have been incredible. He probably would have upped it to a mixtape a week and ended up dropping 20 mixtapes by the time it was OK to go outside again. Dude wouldn’t have had to make another song in his life and he would’ve still had enough material to tour for the rest of his life just from the rona raps. I hope someone, somewhere is just rapping their ass off throughout this whole ordeal and comes out the other side with a ton on new music.

Update: Apparently Guapdad was the one who organized this and a couple other ones he’s been posting on his Instagram. He’s been posting a Rona Raps episode every Wednesday with different guests each time. Here are the other episodes if you want to watch them.