White People Around The World Rejoice As Asher Roth Is Dropping A New Album On April 23rd

Live look at Funk Flex when he hears Asher Roth say “got a buncha gluten in your doo doo”:

On the real though, I think Asher Roth has a dope project coming for us. The first two singles, “Flowers on the Weekend” and “Hunnid,” are both classic Asher. He’s been in and out of the game for a while so I’ve taken the liberty to put some of his songs over the past couple of years into a playlist (below). Flowers on the Weekend due out April 23rd with a virtual listening party on April 20th. The album will feature Lil’ Yachty, Buddy, Gaby Duran, CJ Smith, Joyce Wrice, and lojii.