Boosie Gives Half-Ass Apology To Dwayne Wade’s Daughter Zaya With New Song “Who Am I To Judge?”

If you don’t know the background story, basically Dwayne Wade’s 12 year-old daughter came out as transgender and most people with a brain embraced and congratulated her on taking such a big step in her life and then other people, presumably without a brain, made it seem like the world was going to end. Boosie was unfortunately on the latter side. He later came out and said his mom yelled at him and told him to shut the fuck up about it and kind of gave a half ass apology but also kind of stood by what he said. Now, we got Boosie dropping a song/video called “Who Am I A Judge?” where he kind of admits he was wrong but also said he meant it. So I don’t really know what Boosie is trying to say.

There’s this weird theory floating around out there that gender, not biological sex, is fluid and not set in stone forever and ever. It’s not like Zaya has to identify as female for the rest of her life or she’s going to get shot in the face by the gender gods. I think Boosie is just really worried about Zaya cutting her dick off and then regretting it in a couple years but I’m pretty sure 12 year-olds aren’t legally allowed to just cut their dick off and Zaya has said absolutely nothing about going under the knife so I don’t know why Boosie would automatically jump to that conclusion. Weird stuff.

Ironically enough, this song is a single off Boosie’s upcoming album GOAT Talk II. I wonder if Boosie will tackle the gender pay gap with his next single. Baaaahhhhh!

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