Thank God for Taiwan. They actually did the responsible thing and listened to their doctors and now they have the reward of giving the world live sports again. The US has more cases of the rona than the next five countries combined because we’re a bunch of fucking idiots who don’t listen to doctors, but Taiwan? Taiwan has 420 (nice) cases of the rona. Once the rona hit, they locked everything down and now they’re smooth sailing back into normal life, following doctor recommendations of course. They’ve got live sports again and to make it even better, they’ve got live sports “brawls” again:

What a time to be alive. Taiwan is 12 hours ahead of us so the games start at 5:05 am and 6:35 am EST, but if we wake up at like 7 or 8 then we can at least catch the end of the 6:30 games. I actually might start waking up for the 6:30 games to get me ready to start going back to work again. All of the games are being broadcast in English on Twitter (@ElevenSportsTW) so people being quarantined around the world can watch. The schedule for the rest of April is below or you can view the entire season schedule here.