Michael Thomas Fires Shots At Drew Brees For His Take On Kneeling During The National Anthem

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Michael Thomas is one of the best, if not the best, wide receivers in the league. Dude is a beast. His Twitter handle is @Cantgaurdmike because you literally can’t guard him. His quarterback, future hall of famer Drew Brees, has been saying for years now the racial injustice needs to stop but kneeling during the national anthem is one of the most disrespectful things you can do to members of the military. However, neither Brees nor anyone else who thinks along the same lines has given reason to why kneeling during the anthem is seen as disrespectful. In a world where we kneel when a football player gets injured and requires medical attention, we kneel to show respect. In a world where we kneel to pray in church to show respect for whatever higher power you believe in. In a world where we kneel to propose marriage to our significant other to show our love and respect for them. Why is it when a black person kneels during the national anthem to draw attention to racial inequality is the act of kneeling all of a sudden considered disrespectful?

The only sort of reasoning Brees gave today when he doubled down on his views was that when he hears the national anthem, he thinks about his grandfathers who both fought in World War II. Thomas retorted by tweeting an article by History.com that talks about a MILLION black WWII veterans being denied benefits from the GI Bill. Often times when reminiscing on WWII, white people think of risking life to demolish prejudice in a foreign land while black people think of risking life to demolish prejudice in a foreign land only to return to prejudice at home.

What Drew Brees and many other white Americans don’t understand is that white people and black people have a vastly different view on a lot of events in American history. White veterans came home from WWII and were treated like heroes, and rightfully so. Black veterans came home from WWII and still had to deal with shit like this:

Image showing a large white sign at the entrance to a housing development reading "WE WANT WHITE TENANTS IN OUR WHITE COMMUNITY" in capital letters. Two small American flags fly at the top corners of the sign.
You idiots have no idea what communism is do you?

They put their lives on the line for a county and a world that would never put their lives on the line for them. And when they came back home, they had to deal with the same racist bullshit they’ve had to deal with their whole lives. To this day, black veterans come home after fighting for their country to racist bullshit. We need to shut the fuck up and listen.

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