Did Jay-Z Just Tell Us The Knowles-Carter Family Is Worth $4 Billion?

DJ Khaled dropped his annual summer album filled with verses from some of the most popular artists of all time. Obviously he had to include a track with the Biebs, this time with none other than the legend 21 Savage (twenty one twenty one) đŸ˜±. Drake and Cardi B also made their annual appearance on the Khaled summer jam album but surprise, surprise ‘ole Mr. We Da Best somehow managed to get the legends Sean Carter and Nasir Jones on the same track together. The whole song is dope (uhhhh, ya think???) but the part that caught my attention was the beginning of Jay-Z’s verse where he may or may not be talking about his family’s net worth.

Sorry, that’s another B

Haters still aint recovered from the other B

That’s a double B

Nah, that’s a triple B

Can’t forget about the other B

Beyoncé: Heyyyy

According to the comments section of Rap Genius, Jay-Z is saying the family is worth $3 billion with Jay-Z being worth $2 billion (the double B) and BeyoncĂ© being worth another $1 billion (making it a triple B). I already sent out the tweet though, so it’s too late to take it back. Whatever the case may be, it looks like the Knowles-Carter family has a couple Bills on deck in case anybody was wondering. Good for them.

Listen to the full 2021 DJ Khaled Summer Jam album below.