DJ Kayslay Just Dropped A Track That’s 40 Minutes Long And Features 110 Rappers Including Shaq, Black Thought, Gillie The King, Ice T, Chuck D, And 105 More

I didn’t count all the rappers in the song but it was absolutely an obnoxious amount of rappers so I’ll take DJ Kayslay at his word on this one. I can’t stop thinking about Vince Staples saying he’s one of the greatest rappers of all time a couple weeks ago when he was promoting his album. I had alot of other thoughts while watching this video (obviously, it was 40 minutes long), so I put a couple of them down below if you were wondering how my brain processed this tidal wave of lyrics.

  • Black thought is good at rapping
  • Papoose is good at counting
  • Vado raps to a window
  • Shaq and Roy Jones Jr. can rap better than a lot of you bum ass rappers
  • MC Serch came out from hiding after murdering hip-hop with The White Rapper Show. Hallelujah, holla back!
  • Big Daddy Kane is also good at rapping
  • Melle Mel looks like a 60 year-old on steroids, probably because he is a 60 year-old on steroids.
  • Grandmaster Caz kind of sounds like DMX’s slightly nicer brother
  • It looks like everybody that was popping in the 90s still lives in the ghetto (except Ice T)
  • A guy named Sticky Fingaz rapped about, you guessed it, his fingers
  • Black Thought, also good.
  • Uncle Murda impresses with a verse that wasn’t about a yearly round up
  • There’s a rapper named Tony Starks. I wonder if he calls his dick Iron Man.
  • How many grandfathers does it take to make a rap song?
  • Lord Jamar took a minute away from talking shit on DJ Vlad’s YouTube channel to rap about not believing in science
  • Sickflo must feel a lot of pressure every time he raps to come with a sick flow
  • Metta World Peace apparently has a lot on his mind. Who would have thought?
  • Apparently a Jamaican guy named Junior Reid runs the streets
  • Chuck D’s bodyguard will fuck your ass up with some pvc pipes
  • White people will love the fact that a 40 minute rap song with a ton of rap legends ended with the line “culture vultures ain’t always white”
  • My favorite line of the whole thing was when a guy named Rockness said “I spit stupid. You just stupid.” That made me laugh out loud.

Some of the verses were good and did what they were supposed to do, which is come with bars and take shots at the younger generation of wack rappers. But most of these verses were just wack themselves. I mean a dude rapped about his fingers! His fingers!!!

Overall Rating: 6.2