Snoop Dogg And Matthew McConaughey Get High And Talk About Getting High On The Set Of Their New Movie

The alcoholic that never has a hangover, the perpetual poet who’s never without a rhyme. That’s Matthew McConaughey. Well, that’s actually Moondog, the character McConaughey plays in his new movie The Beach Bum, but I feel like Moondog is who Matthew McConaughey really wants to be in real life. Just a total stoner floating through life weaving poems in and out of everyday conversation two lines at a time.

Credit to both Snoop and McConaughey for going on national TV stoned as birds, too. I know Snoop does it every time he goes on national TV but it’s nice to see stars like him and McConaughey go on historically prestigious media outlets stoned out of their skulls. They didn’t say they were high during the interview, but it was obvious they were. Snoop just being all giddy, laughing at everything McConaughey says, and McConaughey also laughing at everything and saying “man” approximately 1,000 times. Good for them.