Toronto Raptors Center Serge Ibaka AKA Mafuzzy Chef Has A Cooking Show On YouTube And It’s The Best Show On The Internet

Did anybody know Serge Ibaka had a YouTube cooking show that he’s been doing for the past two years? Well if not, now you know.

Ibaka basically has his friends come to his house so he can cook them some sort of ridiculous meal. I’m talking Fear Factor type shit. Like eyeballs and brains and stuff. Ibaka and his friends eat seemingly anything edible and it’s kind of gross to watch but also kind of awesome.

On the first episode, he serves cow tongue his fellow Congolese national Bismack Biyombo.

Then he makes our beloved Cari Champion eat an eyeball. Look at Cari praying to the fish gods that eating a fish eye won’t kill her.

Then, he gives worms (worms!) to his former teammate Demar DeRozen. Take THAT San Antonio!

He also makes his current teammates eat lamb brains… to get smarter…. apparently.

And he just kicked off season two with the Gasol brothers and a plate full of cow heart.

Name another professional athlete that has a cooking show that makes other professional athletes eat gross shit. I’ll wait.