Mixtape: French Montana & Max B – Coke Wave 4

The Coke Boys are back, baby.

Rumor has it, Max B recorded his verses in the same prison he is currently sitting in. Rumor also has it, the entire mixtape was made in a week. Rumor also, also has it, the longest studio session in that weeks time was 33 hours. Thirty three. Damn. That’s a long ass stu shesh. Can’t say I’ve ever stayed in the stu that long.

Rumor also, also, also has it, Max B has a whole other album in the tuck he may or may not drop in the semi-near future. If you, like me, are wondering how Max B is recording all of this music, turns out he was transferred to a prison with a recording studio in 2016.

Who knew some prisons had recording studios? Not I, that’s for sure.

You can listen to Coke Wave 1 and Coke Wave 2 below and if you’re looking for Coke Wave 3, you won’t find it because it doesn’t exist. The Coke Boys skipped right over 3 and went straight to 4. Why? Because that’s what legends do, that’s why. Although, I wouldn’t put it past French to drop Coke Wave 3 after he drops Coke Wave 4. That would actually be pretty legendary as well if you ask me.

Max B is set to be released from prison November 9, 2025, in case you were wondering.

Listen to Coke Wave 1 on DatPiff

Listen to Coke Wave 2 on Spotify